Sports Turf

Commercial Sports Turf Installations

Durable synthetic sports turf for sporting fields and facilities

Give your indoor facilities the WOW factor that will set you apart. Athletes love the way our sports turf looks, and feels. Our products are much easier on your body, which means you can train longer with shorter recovery time.

Our synthetic turf products are great for:

  • Universities
  • Athletic training facilities
  • School gymnasiums
  • Weight rooms
  • Athletic clubs
Sprint track made from turf inside a Colorado fitness center
A strip of artificial turf in an empty building in Colorado

Whether your team needs synthetic sports turf here in Denver, CO, or throughout the country, Southwest Greens of Colorado is equipped to provide you with high quality products geared toward performance and durability.

At Southwest Greens, we are proud to work closely with athletic organizations throughout the country to ensure that we provide just the right turf to meet their needs.

Our synthetic turf has been engineered to offer superior performance and safety while meeting the rigorous standards of consistency that other surfaces simply cannot achieve.

Southwest Greens of Colorado is completely invested in the satisfaction of our clients to ensure that our customers receive top-of-the-line synthetic turf they can trust.

Artificial playing field being placed in a Denver warehouse
Turf sprint track in Army Football’s college fitness center

Our turf Surfaces are fully customizable with your choice of colors, team logos, stripes, and more. Southwest Greens of Colorado ships nationwide so everyone can experience the same high quality artificial turf Denver residents have come to know and love. Contact us today to learn more!