Pet Turf

Dogs sniffing around artificial pet turf in Colorado

Southwest Greens Colorado Pet Turf

Artificial Pet grass specifically manufactured for pets

Pet Turf Features

Every owner has different needs when it comes to their pet and every client is unique. We work with our clients to find the right fit for themselves and their furry friends. When it comes to pet turf installations, Southwest Greens Colorado is the best. Our pet turf is specifically designed for the comfort and safety of every dog size as well as the pet owner’s budget and location.

There are many benefits to installing artificial pet turf in your back yard or pet facility. For starters, it allows you to spend more time with your pet rather than the maintaining a live lawn.

You will have beautiful green grass year round and it doesn’t matter how much your pet romps around; your grass will continue to look lush, green and vibrant. All homeowners hate looking out into their yard and finding that brown spot that seems to grow and grow until it takes over your yard. With Southwest Greens Colorado, your artificial pet turf will continue to look fantastic even after some rough and tumble play time with your favorite friend.

Pets Stay Clean

No more worrying about your dog getting dirt and mud on their paws and coat  and then tracking it around your house. Whether in rain or shine, your pet turf will continue to outperform your rowdy pet and, in some cases, prevent them from digging holes around your yard. No mud also means that bath time can be held outside, effectively preventing water puddles and the unappreciated shower from Spot.

Let it Rain

In fact, let it pour because you will no longer have to concern yourself with standing water and mud puddles. As it rains, your artificial pet turf uses the power of Urethane to drain away the water even as it hits the surface. This will enable you to let your pets out as soon as the water lets up and know that there will be no muddy paw prints tracked into your home.

As the leading professionals in the artificial grass business, we know what it takes to create a lawn safe for pets and children. Our Pet Turf products are 100 percent recyclable and safe for the environment. As unique as each of clients are, we want to make sure we create an area just right for them and that means consulting our clients on their design aspirations. Since this is such an important part of the process, we offer design consultation for free. So contact us to get started today!