How Does Artificial Grass Save You Water and Money?

artificial grass in Colorado backyard lawnWhen considering an artificial lawn in Centennial, Colorado, you may begin making a mental list of pros and cons. Some pros that you can write down are that it looks greener than regular grass, it’s environmentally friendly, and there’s little maintenance.

If you want a beautiful lawn year round without the hassle of upkeep, artificial turf may be the solution for you. According to Southwest Greens of Colorado, not only does artificial grass eliminate the time-consuming maintenance of regular grass, but it also keeps costs down year after year. Here are some thoughts to consider with the savings:

Artificial Lawns Save on Water:

The way that artificial grass installations in the Denver area saves money in long-term is reducing watering bills year after year. Month after month, a portion of your water bill goes to your home’s sprinkler or irrigation system. In the summer months, this begins to add up.

Colorado is known to experience multi-year droughts. Colorado State University recommends restricted landscape watering during times of drought. Therefore, one of the best ways to conserve water is by having a lawn that doesn’t need watering. The environment and your bank account will thank you. Think about how you can use these money savings towards a dream trip or other home improvements for long-term benefits. 

Artificial Grass Saves on Maintenance Costs:

Having a pristine lawn year after year can mean costly maintenance to revive brown/dead parts in the lawn and weed control. With regular grass, you have to mow it, replace it and buy expensive fertilizers and weed killers. Whether you pay someone else to do it or you choose to do it yourself, the price of all the upkeep can become a pain.

You also spend less expenses towards lawn maintenance equipment. Traditional lawns include lawn mowers, edgers, and many other tools. Those tools are operated gas or electricity, which contributes to its mounting costs year after year. Not to mention weekly/monthly use of these tools cause them to wear down and eventually need new parts or even complete replacement. With lawn mowers in the hundreds, it adds up!

The benefits of artificial lawn being low maintenance for up to 20 years is starting to sound pretty good! It also will not need to be replaced until decades later in most cases. If you’re searching for a long-term solution for your landscaping, artificial grass is the answer.

Convinced to install an artificial grass lawn at your Centennial or Denver-area home yet? Take the next step by contacting Southwest Greens of Colorado for a free design quote! We also build artificial turf putting greens, sports fields, and dog areas.